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Letter to the Editor


Thomas Ford, Owosso

12:15 pm

Independent Editor,
On March 8, the people of Michigan will be asked to decide who their next Democratic presidential nominee will be. It will be an easy choice for me. I am an FDR/Henry Wallace/Progressive Democrat. I am 70 years old and I have been waiting for a candidate like Bernie Sanders to come along all my adult life. Bernie and I are alike in so many ways and we are both looking at this election cycle like it may be our last chance to return our country to its progressive ideals as they are defined in the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the United States Constitution.
Hillary Clinton continually berates Bernie Sanders as a one issue candidate. She depends on the ignorance of the electorate and the collusion of the Democratic Party Establishment to aid her in her quest to be our next president. Hillary said she would always tell the American people the truth, but as far as Bernie is concerned, she seems to be struggling with it.
Contrary to Hillary’s statements, Bernie Sanders is hardly a one trick pony. While it’s true Bernie is concerned about equity, equality and the economy, he has a 12 Step Plan for the Healing of America and ways to fully fund them. His list contains many items that have plagued America for decades because the establishment powers of both major parties have allowed money to corrupt the political process.
Bernie’s plan includes Rebuilding Our Crumbling Infrastructure, Reversing Climate Change, Creating Worker Co-ops, Growing the Trade Union Movement, Raising the Minimum Wage, Pay Equity for Women Workers, Trade Policies that Benefit American Workers, Making College Affordable for All, taking on Wall Street, Health Care as a Right for All, Protecting the Most Vulnerable Americans and Real Tax Reform.
Without Senator Harry Reid and other establishment Democrats working in the background to manipulate the turn out and support Hillary, the results in Nevada and South Carolina might have been different. Even without PAC money, without Wall Street help and having to combat the power of the Democratic establishment Bernie continues to fight on.
Bernie’s is a true grassroots effort with 4 million donors giving $27 apiece with absolutely no corrupting PAC money.
Hillary can’t say that.
You may cast your vote for Bernie now by going to your city, township or county clerk and requesting an absentee ballot, Remember, a vote for Bernie Sanders is a vote for you, your family and America’s future.

Thomas Ford, Owosso

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