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Letter to the Editor


Thomas Ford, Owosso

6:51 pm

Independent Editor:

  A commentary on Gun Reforms that will almost surely bring down the death and damage done over the years by the NRA.

How It All came to a head:

  It really began many years before, when so many children were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary with assault weapons, bump stocks, insufficient background checks and large capacity magazines. After Sandy Hook, the parents of these murdered innocents believed that this terrible attack would finally move our country to a place of responsible, reasonable gun control. That did not happen and because of the actions of groups like the NRA and their Russian financiers, the death toll mounted again and again and will continue to grow until reasonable, responsible gun law reforms are passed. Everybody held their breaths waiting in anticipation of gun control legislation being passed which was once again thwarted by the NRA and its congressional enablers. After much thought, consternation and study it was resolved that reasonable responsible gun control legislation was supported by most Americans. After more study, it was resolved that a 4-point plan needed to be developed based on our studies.  The plan was 1. No bump stocks 2. No Assault Weapons 3. No High-Capacity Magazines and 4. Deep Background Checks.

   A case in point; The shooter in the Las Vegas murders had 23 assault weapons in his room, 12 with bump stocks which turned the assault rifles into machine guns. If the NRA can use fear and intimidation to keep their control of the legislative process, then the voters in support of reasonable, responsible gun control law reform can engender fear of the loss of their political office. If our elected officials won’t embrace responsible reasonable gun law reform as highlighted in the 4-point plan

   They, like the NRA must accept the responsibility of further and future deaths of our community members, many of them children         

  Enablers are using fear, threats and intimidation against local governments and NGO’s when they attempt gun law reform.  Those responsible local communities that passed and supported a plan of reasonable responsible gun control were also attacked.  We took this local support and these community organizations to our legislature informing them that if they don’t support the 4-point plan, the blood of the next victims of gun violence will be on their hands. The strong and determined students that organized and lead the plea to local entities and pushed for the adoption of reasonable gun control may hold the key to successful reform. The adoption nationwide of the reasonable and responsible 4 point plan could certainly be a step forward to thwart the high level of fear we face in day to day life in America without reasonable and responsible gun control.  

   The key to its success is to use local students to plead their case before these local entities and push for adoption of the 4 point plan.

   A resolution in support of the outlawing of specific gun rules to reduce the murders of our children, family, friends and neighbors,

  Whereas the murders and injuries of our children and others could have been reduced and

  Whereas the NRA and its congressional Republican and Democratic Partners have for decades defeated responsible gun control legislation through campaign contributions and threats and

  Whereas the American people have through research and study found:

  A 4-point plan (1. No bump stocks 2. No assault weapons 3. No high-capacity magazines 4. Deep background checks) was developed based on what the American people have said they would support.

  Whereas the students have decided that the only real way the 4-point plan can be successful is to organize and support it at the local level.

  Whereas that being the case, these students are asking all government entities, (such as city councils, county commissioners and school boards), all churches, all non-profits, all community and civic organizations (Rotary, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus, MEA, UAW etc.) to officially adopt the afore mentioned 4-point plan and assist in the campaign to get it passed into law.

  Whereas the Las Vegas shooter had 23 assault rifles (12 equipped with bump stocks which turned them into veritable machine guns murdered over 50 people and injured over 500 concert goers.

 Whereas many of these deaths and injuries could have been avoided if the 4-point plan had been passed into law.

  Now, therefore be it resolved the American people insist on the passage of the 4 point plan at the local level which will in turn put pressure on our legislators to finally pass national reasonable responsible gun laws with the fear of losing their congressional seat because they failed act instead of defeating reforms because of NRA campaign contributions and intimidation.

  Be it finally resolved that the passage of the 4-point plan (1. No bump stocks 2. No assault weapons 3. No high-capacity magazines 4. Deep background checks) into law will demonstrably reduce the number of victims of future mass shooting also be it resolved that if the 4-point plan is not passed the blood of future victims will be on the hands of those who oppose reasonable responsible gun control, and a campaign will be surmounted to prove to our government officials that the voter is the one to be feared and not the NRA.

How it will work.

  This strategy will not work unless it is built on the strong foundation of the student/community commitment component.

Thomas Ford, Owosso

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