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Letter to the Editor


Theresa Bandkau, Regulated Wind of Shiawassee County

12:14 pm

Independent Editor,

I have heard several people say they think the wind issue in Shiawassee County should have a yes or no vote, but if they had been to any of the meetings in the past 18 months, they would know that this is not a yes or no vote on whether we want wind or not. Wind is a designated land use in the State of Michigan, but each township or county can zone it to fit its needs.

With this referendum in Shiawassee County for which Mike Rock has filed a letter of intent, this is not about the old ordinance versus the new ordinance. It is a vote on whether you want the old ordinance that has wind turbines 1,100 feet from your doorstep, versus the new ordinance of 3.5 times the height from your property line (which every other zoning is always from property line and not your doorstep); whether you want 55 d(B)a noise on your property out in the quiet countryside versus 45 d(B)a lmax (World Health Organization states 35 d(B)a should be the limit); whether you want shadow flicker on your property versus none; whether you think we should have over 600-foot monstrosities next to our homes versus a limit of 450 feet tall. Bottom line, it is a vote on your property rights versus the wind companies trespassing on your land for free. Get educated and don’t sign the referendum if you value the use of all of your land. The citizens and both boards worked very hard over the past 18 months to come up with the very fair wind energy ordinance for Shiawassee County. If you really cared about having input into the new ordinance, then maybe you should have been at the meetings.

Theresa Bandkau, Regulated Wind of Shiawassee County

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