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Letter to the Editor


Teresa Skaryd, Owosso

2:26 pm

Editor, The Independent:

Thank you to all who helped me on Aug. 28, 2015 when my car experienced a sudden flat on Comstock Street. My venture started at Quick Lane at the Ford Dealership with a normal oil change and rotation of tires. We talked about getting my car a new set of tires before Christmas.

I left the dealership with no other stops and made my way back to Kingswood Estates. Leaving the vehicle, I suddenly heard a hissing sound and saw a huge piece of metal in my tire. Not hesitating, I started to drive back and only made it to Comstock Street when I had to make a call to the dealership.

Not having a cell phone, I saw a man sitting on his porch and he said his phone did not work. So, I went across the street and asked a man through his window if I could use his phone. He dialed the phone and talked to the dealership and they quickly came and put my spare on and off to the dealership I went again. Thank you to the crew at Quick Lane for not charging me on your busy Friday night.

The moral of the story. Never drive your car down a strange road as I did (Chestnut Street), you might get a flat tire. Never take your cell phone for granted. When a man sees a woman with an obvious flat tire on her car, don’t say no to her. Help her out.

Teresa Skaryd, Owosso

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