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Letter to the Editor


Teresa Skaryd, Owosso

10:25 am

Independent Editor,

   Beware of ballot harvesting. Our Michigan law we passed in November 2018 to allow the change in voting laws endorses this. It was hard to believe after I read it, but there it is. If a person is registered to vote by mail and decides to vote in person, they must bring their mail-in ballot to the polling location. Well, I am going to defy this rule and let’s see if they haul me off to jail. And if I am denied my right to vote in person, there will be a lawsuit.

   One local news outlet says if a person is mailed a ballot, they can’t vote in person unless you sign a paper that you want to change your vote or your ballot is lost or stolen. Either way you say it, this is ballot harvesting and we the people said it was fine when we voted for this proposal in 2018 to change the law.

   When you vote, make sure you read what you are voting for. When you look into the mirror, you not only choose your own fate, but also the fate of your neighbor. This is why I was shocked at Gov. Whitmer’s forced mask order. She mandates this order for everyone to wear in public, but when you go to vote the mask is optional. The voting location is a public place. Why did she make this ridiculous order, an order that no police officer will endorse?

   I’ve always been proud of Michigan and my thoughts were to be proud of my community. But for far too long, a select few control Owosso. Owosso is where I live, but it is not my hometown. My heart will always be with Ovid-Elsie.

   Before I conclude, the ability to vote is still not perfect, as I also oppose the ballot box in the city hall parking lot. This box does not go through the mail system. All absentee ballots should have a post marked date that goes through the mail system.

   There are many avenues to steal an election on both sides of the aisle. It is up to you to hold our leaders accountable and call them out when you see something wrong with the system that governs our lives.

Teresa Skaryd, Owosso

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