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Letter to the Editor


Teresa Riddle, Owosso

1:33 pm

Independent Editor,
Hello, folks, I’m a very frustrated Owosso resident. You see, for ten years, I’ve lived on Bradley Street, near St Paul’s Catholic Church. And for these ten years, my neighbors and I have been inundated by the parishioners of this church blocking our driveways, lining both sides of Howell and Bradley Streets and not using the parking lots, yes, that’s parking lots, as in plural, two lots.
This happens for the multiple masses on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays. It happens during the Tuesday night free clothes giveaway, for the turkey bingos, funerals, Sunday school, band and choir concerts, parent/teacher conferences, blessing of the pets and other school events. In other words, it’s very often as the church is a very active church. While I find busy churches to be a wonderful thing under other circumstances, those of you who park in the streets are making it extremely difficult for the local residents to even get in and out of our driveways at times.
I work with a really wonderful person who attends there. She said the priest has asked on more than one occasion that people not park in the street and utilize the parking lots provided by the church instead. You don’t have to be outside for very long to see that this kind and considerate priest is being ignored by the majority of those who attend there. The streets actually fill up, bumper to bumper, long before even a third of the parking lot off of Bradley St. is even occupied.
So, here’s the thing. The residents in the area can’t have friends and family over whenever your church is having any kind of event there because you’ve left us with no place for them to park.
You have even managed to irritate and annoy some of the residents so much that they’ve moved away and some others are planning on selling and moving next year. Despite the fact that I love our landlords, who also happen to be parishioners there, I’m house hunting to find another home. I’m at the end of my patience.
So thank you for being selfish and inconsiderate parishioners. I’m certain that is exactly how the church wants to present itself to the community. What exemplary examples you are to the neighbors!

Teresa Riddle, Owosso

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