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Letter to the Editor


Superintendent John Fattal

12:31 pm

Independent Editor,

    In case you haven’t heard, both Proposal 1 and Proposal 2 passed on Tuesday, May 4.  I am overwhelmed by the generosity our community demonstrated at the polls. Thank you to all voters who supported the proposals – students for generations will benefit from your support.

    Our citizen’s dedication to our students and community provides us the opportunity to make improvements, upgrades, and changes to serve our students better today and in the future. We recognize that voters have agreed to these proposals with the expectation that the money will be carefully spent, and we will meet that expectation!

    Several people have already asked me when construction will begin. Here are the next steps:

1. The election needs to be certified. It takes at least 30 days for the Board of Canvassers to stamp their approval of the vote. We can’t even sell the bonds until that happens.

2. No major design work has been completed at this time. We will spend the next six months or so working on actual designs.

3. Here is a tentative timeline for the projects (I will update you regularly as we finalize more dates):

    a. Sell the bonds (within the next 3-4 months or so)

    b. Finalize architectural drawings/designs (within the next 3-4 months or so)

    c. Bid the projects (next November/December)

    d. Start the projects (next spring/summer)

    Again, I would like to thank our community for your confidence and commitment to our district.

    For those who didn’t vote for the proposals, I welcome you to give me a call or to schedule a time when we can chat over a cup of coffee so I can hear your thoughts on how we could do a better job of earning your support in the future.

    In sum, our community’s commitment to our school district is a constant reminder of why I chose to raise my family here and why I choose to work here!

   It truly is GREAT to be GOLD!


Superintendent John Fattal

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