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Letter to the Editor


Stephen Schlaack, Chairperson – Shiawassee County Democratic Party, Owosso

3:55 pm

Independent Editor,

  I am writing to express my deep disappointment and frustration with the Shiawassee County Republican Party. It has become increasingly evident that silence is their preferred response when confronted with important issues that affect our community and the nation as a whole.

  Take, for example, Representative BeGole. Despite being in office for over six months, he has held fewer public meetings in Shiawassee County than one can count on their hand. This lack of engagement with the community is unacceptable and demonstrates a lack of commitment to the people he represents. But what is even more troubling is the silence surrounding this issue. We hear no explanations, no apologies and no plans for improvement.

  Additionally, Rep. BeGole’s refusal to debate his opponent before being elected to the State House is deeply concerning. Debates provide voters with a valuable opportunity to assess the candidates’ positions and qualifications, yet he chose to avoid this essential democratic process. Once again, silence prevails, leaving us with unanswered questions and doubts about his intentions and abilities.

  The Shiawassee GOP’s silence on crucial matters is not limited to Rep. BeGole’s actions alone. The local party has remained eerily quiet on significant national issues, such as the overturning of Roe v. Wade. This landmark Supreme Court decision protected women’s reproductive rights and its reversal has profound implications for our community. Yet, the Shiawassee GOP remains silent, failing to address the concerns and anxieties of those who rely on this fundamental right.

  Furthermore, the election denialism and infighting within the Shiawassee GOP is deeply troubling. It is disheartening to see a state party leader (Michigan GOP Chair, Kristin Karamo, to whom Shia County GOP reports) elected who denies the legitimacy of our democratic process. This not only undermines the foundations of our democracy but also demonstrates a disregard for the will of the people. Yet again, silence reigns supreme, with no condemnation or efforts to rectify this concerning situation.

  And let us not forget the indictment of former President Trump. While this is a significant development that demands attention and accountability, the Shiawassee GOP remains silent. It is disconcerting to witness the absence of any public statement or acknowledgment of the situation. This silence suggests a lack of willingness to address important legal and ethical concerns, leaving our community without the transparency and honesty it deserves.

  We deserve better from our local GOP. We deserve leaders who are willing to engage with the community, debate the issues, and stand up for the principles they claim to uphold. Silence should never be an acceptable response when the people’s trust and well-being are at stake. It is time for the Shiawassee County Republicans to break their silence, take responsibility and provide the leadership and accountability our community deserves.

Stephen Schlaack, Chairperson – Shiawassee County Democratic Party, Owosso

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