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Letter to the Editor


Shirley Burgess, Owosso

11:30 am

Independent Editor,
Character counts! You can learn a lot about a person’s character by what they say. However, I believe you can learn even more about a person’s character by what they do not say.
I was a supporter and donor towards Hartmann Aue’s first-ever election in 2014; for Shiawassee County Commissioner (District 1). I, as many others, soon regretted my support and have registered my deep disappointment. Commissioner Aue takes undue credit for so much in the county (as if no other board member existed); now that he is running for the 85th District’s State Representative position. What he does not say is that he is not perceived as the leader he tells us he is. Also, he has purposely kept information and decision making from many of his fellow commissioners. He does not say that he displays disrespect and arrogance at board meetings, including to members of the audience.
What he does not say is that he had to flip his support on the board and had to vote for himself in order to get enough votes to be re-elected board chairman this year. Former supporters on the board refused to vote for him again and his self-centered leadership style.
What he does not say is how he fudges on facts and embellishes his personal and professional life achievements. What he does not say is that he feels absolutely no loyalty or respect to all of the people he has fooled. Please remember on Aug. 2, or when voting absentee, that character still does count in politics.

Shirley Burgess, Owosso

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