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Letter to the Editor


Sherry Konkus, Owosso

11:32 am

Independent Editor,
It was at high noon on Thursday, Sept. 15 when a semi truck pulled out in front of my house to deliver something that I always been wanted to raise money for – a concert grand pedal harp I’ve always wanted to own. A lot has changed since I quit performing at the Farmer’s Market two years ago. No one was available to help me raise funds to get a concert harp. I felt so discouraged but I never gave up. Instead, I kept right on going, clinging to hope that one day I’ll finally be able to buy a concert harp.
Then the hand of providence coming from the Lord finally stepped in. It was in early April when I got a call from my mom telling me that I was going to get $820 tax refund back from both federal and state tax offices. Greatly encouraged, I told Mom to put all of it in my savings account so I can use it as a harp fund. Then I started putting some of my money I earned working at CMH into my special holiday account that I once opened up to put money inside for the harp fund. This along with a big raise from Social Security led me to raise about $5,000. I was really happy about that.
This gave me a great opportunity to invest in buying a concert harp. So Mom and I both applied for financial aid from an online financial site and within two hours we got approved. I was ecstatic! I went ahead and invested in buying a Camac Athena EX 47 stringed concert grand pedal harp which I named “Grover” after Grover Monster from Sesame Street. I bought my harp from The Virginia Harp Center, a world renown harp retailer in Virginia that specializes in selling harps of various makes and models.
A few days later Grover arrived and became a part of my life. So now I am playing the harp again. This time for full enjoyment rather than for profit. I love Grover deeply. He’s absolutely everything I want in a harp and nothing more.
I want to thank everyone for all your support in helping me make my lifelong dream come true. As a Disney Princess would say, “Dreams do come true.” If you have a dream and are seriously pursuing it only to encounter a lot of roadblocks along the way, take it from me, don’t ever quit no matter what. Just keep on going and don’t stop until your dream is fulfilled. Thank you all and God bless.
Thanks so much.

Sherry Konkus, Owosso

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