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Letter to the Editor


Sara Pettit

5:05 pm

Independent Editor,

   Thank you to those who attended the special organizational meeting for Durand City Council on Nov. 14 and thank you to the community for entrusting me to represent you on the city council. I am looking forward to working with my fellow council members to effect positive changes in Durand.

   It is my hope that we, as a council, can come together to best serve our city. My goal has never been to be divisive, but to hold each and every member of council to the highest standard of accountability, respect and responsibility that our community deserves.

   I hope that we can all put personal opinions aside and remember that our position as community leaders is, exactly that – to lead this community forward and make decisions in the best interest of all. We all have unique journeys that led here, and it is our responsibility to hear each other, hear our community and make sound decisions that will not only help Durand today, but leave a lasting impact for generations.

   We can set up our city as a destination for businesses and families. We have the potential to help Durand become the model of a thriving community – both in terms of both the people and businesses that call Durand home, but we have to work together as a council and with our community members. 

Thank you,

Sara Pettit

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