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Letter to the Editor


Roger Snyder, Owosso

1:31 pm

Independent Editor,
I will be on the state ballot on Nov. 8th for the Libertarian Party for the State Representative seat for the 85th District in Michigan.
1. The major candidates will have close to $200,000 for signs,  TV, investigators, lawyers, proofreaders, and use people already in office to promote and support their candidates.
2. Mayor Frederick assisted in extending his own term another year so he looked like he had a job instead of an unemployed Mayor. City government rationalized the year extension by stating they could save $7,000 a year by having all city officers elected on even years. The same result could have been done by adding a year on the election of November 2015. Instead, the council changed the rules of a previous election. That may have caused Frederick to win the Republican primary.
3. I entered a 1929 Buick in the Curwood Parade. Committee to elect Roger Snyder bought magnetic signs for the doors to advertise in the parade. Then I found out that only incumbent politicians can advertise in the parade. I wonder who came up with that rule.
4. Ben Frederick was Mayor when all the nonsense requirements were put on Owosso homes in 2012. They dictated color, style, square feet of new homes, size of fences, types of bushes, how much area for storage was required and so many other items that made it unenforceable so they had to repealed it.
5. The Landlord boondoggle of 2012 was the most anti-property rights I have ever read. Forced entry into ones home against their will by a government official, unless in an emergency or with a warrant in search of an item. How can it be legal to fine the landlord $75 because a tenant has an unlicensed car in the driveway? How can a landlord be fined $220 because the trash collector didn’t pick up chair? How can the owner of property be fined for someone else’s violation especially if the landlord didn’t know about it.
6. Owosso, Corunna, Durand, and Shiawassee County have all put in place a revenue grab  by drastically increasing the cost of permits, fines, fees and inspections. This is in direct conflict with the Headlee Amendment, that states the only way to increase taxes and revenue is by voter approval. This amendment is to be  overseen by State Representatives. Who would you want to investigate these violations, myself, or Mayor Frederick that actually helped pass these violations?

Roger Snyder, Owosso

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