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Letter to the Editor


Richard L. Ross, Citizens for Traditional Values Shiawassee chairman

10:30 am

Independent Editor,

When I first started voting, I knew absolutely nothing about the candidates or issues before me. If I recognized the name of the person on the ballot I would vote for them. If I liked the looks of a candidate, or if they seemed likable, they were more likely to get my vote. This likely describes many voters’ experiences when just beginning the privilege of choosing those who will govern us. Not a good way to choose candidates, but at least we begin assuming our responsibility as free citizens. Hopefully as we gain experience and knowledge we begin to choose candidates based on the candidates’ voting record or their positions on issues of importance to us.

If you value human life from conception to natural death, traditional marriage and family, freedom of religion and conscience, educational choice for parents and children, and the proper role of constitutionally limited government, then I ask that you consider these candidates who have been endorsed by the Citizens for Traditional Values PAC:

Bill Schuette for Governor, Ben Frederick for State Representative, Tom Barrett for State Senate, John James for U.S. Senate, John Moolenaar for U.S. House of Representatives, Tom Leonard for Michigan Attorney General, Mary Treder Lang for Secretary of State, Dr. Richard Zeile and Tami Carlone for the Michigan Board of Education, and Andrea Fischer-Newman for the U of M Board of Regents.

CTV-PAC has also endorsed Michigan Supreme Court Justice Kurtis T. Wilder, who was appointed by Governor Snyder and is an incumbent seeking to be elected by the voters of Michigan. We have been honored to have Justice Wilder speak at the Comstock Inn in Owosso last May and again last month. He is a rule of law justice and a self described judicial conservative, a proponent of judicial restraint as opposed to judicial activism, which effectively creates new law usurping the constitutional role of the legislature.

Finally, CTV-PAC opposes ballot Proposal 18-1 that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana, which will cause untold problems in our state and our community that is already racked with drug abuse that is destroying lives and families.

Information on candidates can be found at under “Elections.” A reproducible 2018 voter guide for Shiawassee County is also available.

Michigan Family Forum has a 2018 voter guide covering all statewide races at Vote Tuesday, Nov. 6!

Richard L. Ross, Citizens for Traditional Values Shiawassee chairman

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