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Letter to the Editor


Mark Zacharda, Owosso

11:37 am

Independent Editor,

There is a huge push for what Trump is calling tax cuts. A more fitting term would be to call the plan a tax scam. In this present legislative action that the GOP considers imperative to holding their majorities in both houses, I would like to point out the numerous points of hypocrisy in Trump’s GOP.

During the Obama years, they wouldn’t support another dollar going to the deficit. Now, to help their rich donors, they are adding trillions to the deficit? No problem.

This bill is being pitched as a “pay raise.” Hey, who isn’t in favor of keeping more of their paycheck, right? The trick is that they are just providing a carrot to everyday Americans, about a 1.5 percent cut, while the real treat goes to wealthy Americans. Their cut will be about 14.1 percent.

Trump ran as a populist. He was going to work for the “forgotten” middle class American. Remember? Unfortunately, the president has provided numerous examples that most of what comes out of his mouth is a lie. After the paltry 1.5 percent savings, studies from non-partisan tax analysis have shown that people in the middle class may end up actually paying MORE tax in the long run with this plan. The full details of the tax plan have not emerged as of this writing, but all indications thus far have pointed to a huge gift to the tiny percentage of the top earners in the nation.

Will this be a windfall to Trump and family? He has paid the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). This prevents the rich from using so many loop holes that they end up paying little to no taxes. Guess what the proposed tax scam does to the AMT? Eliminated. They also seek to eliminate the estate tax, which has been shown time and time again to basically benefit only a tiny percentage of the very richest families in America.

You may think that this is an attack on wealthy Americans. It’s not. Many Americans who have had the fortitude and/or the luck to amass great wealth do wonderful, philanthropic acts with their wealth. I have no problem with the wealthy, or the pursuit of wealth. The problem emerges when, by policy, the common American is harmed to enable the continued enrichment of the few.

John Moolenaar, our U.S. House Rep. in the 4th District, will support this tax scam. Even as more and more details emerge confirming that Trump would likely not be the president without Russian interference on his behalf, Moolenaar and Ryan will turn a blind eye to the integrity of our democracy and forge ahead. Their re-election and stuffing of more money in the pockets of their wealthy donor class is much more important to them than putting their country before their party. I’d urge you to call Moolenaar’s office, (202) 225-3561, and tell him that he should not be supporting any more tax cuts for the rich funded upon the backs of the poor and middle classes.

Mark Zacharda, Owosso

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