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Letter to the Editor


Mark Zacharda, Bennington Twp.

1:11 pm

Independent Editor,

   Last week, we saw an attempt at damage control from our congressman, John Moolenaar. He must be feeling the heat for towing the party line and voting against the extraordinarily popular American Relief Plan (ARP).

   First, Mr. Moolenaar is always quick to crow about all the “constituent services” his office provides. Save it, John. All congressional offices do this. It’s not something to brag about.  Then, he says, “I supported broad, bipartisan relief packages that provided direct relief for Michigan families, small businesses and health care providers.” He must be referring to when Trump had COVID relief bills last year, those were okay to vote for – and Democrats joined – because it was the right thing to do for the American people. But, sorry my American brothers and sisters who are (still) hurting due to the pandemic, a Democrat is president now, so John is again a member of the “Party of No.” John wrapped up his list of talking points by claiming the ARP ‘won’t help schools enough and only one percent goes towards vaccines.   Here’s the truth: The ARP funds for vaccine distribution are already being used to expand access to the vaccine and we are seeing this with increased access at all age levels.  This aid package helps Americans immediately, with direct aid, as well as for years to come with money to improve our communities and schools.

   Today’s GOP does not stand for much. They want to help rich people keep their fortunes (and their dark money political contributions) and they want political power, which is hard to do when their policies are broadly unpopular amongst the American people. So, it is no surprise that Mr. Moolenaar and his party will give President Biden the “Obama treatment”, aka, obstruct at ALL COSTS then try to point a finger at the Democrat’s “failure to get anything done”. Luckily the Democrats have learned their lesson and are willing to “go it alone” to actually make government work for the American people. Still, always searching for a Republican to “see the light,” but willing to accept what all indications point to: the GOP is no longer interested in governing, they are about lies and trickery and antidemocratic actions, like making it harder to vote, to make sure they can maintain their minority rule.

   It’s understandable that “sedition caucus” member Mr. Moolenaar was instructed to vote against this beneficial bill and then spew some talking points to support his indefensible position, the ARP didn’t do nearly enough for rich people. A friend said it best when she said, “The American Rescue Plan wasn’t designed for ‘trickle down’ aid where most of the money went to the wealthiest people – it was designed to help poor, working poor and middle class Americans first.”


Mark Zacharda, Bennington Twp.

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