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Letter to the Editor


Lynn and Diana Webster, Owosso

12:12 pm

Independent Editor,

Wow! Just a week ago, Dave Bruckman’s crew was unloading the Community Choir risers back into the Owosso Nazarene pole barn; putting a degree of closure on another exhilarating Thanksgiving Concert. I’m at a loss for words about what a wonderful, blessed job you folks achieved with God’s help. “Giving Thanks Through Praise And Worship” was exactly what we had endeavored to do…and I’m confident our efforts were realized in many ways.

First of all, when you lose valued members, and others you expected to be singing step out for personal reasons, Di and I wondered if God was giving us a cue that CC had run its course. But, a number of new members stepped in and made great contributions! Asking a group of singers to learn eleven songs in just seven rehearsals is a “mission impossible,” if not for the hours of dedicated listening to/singing along with your practice CDs to get familiar with the music, both musically and spiritually relating to the message of the songs. Thank you, choir members for your time spent learning our songs! You all looked very professional at the concert.

Over the years, we’ve been blessed by the talent of our soloists many times. I truly believe that this year the soloists and their songs were a special blessing. I’ve watched Jordan Sovis’ DVD recording and been blessed again with the power and spiritual touch the soloists delivered. Thank you, soloists! I believe this is the best recording sound we’ve had to date. The balance between tracks and voices is fantastic!

Our special thanks to State Rep. Ben Frederick (welcome), Pastor John Miller (narration), Sally York (Argus-Press article), Karen Mead-Elford (Independent news releases), Dick Stewart (We Print Everything bulletin printing), Ron Brooks (accomp. track), Dennis Byers and Ben Kitchen (sound), Jordan Sovis (DVD recording), Owosso First Congregational Church (music copying), Rev. Wes Coffey (use of Gracepointe/Northgate facility), Kirk Saunders (rehearsal sound man) Stronghold Quartet (sound equipment), Dennis Byers (processional direction), Patty Wing (Sunnyside Florist/greenery), Shiawassee-Owosso  Kiwanis (bulletin distribution/offering collection), Bruckman Moving and Storage (moving risers), and Mike Reath (for the upcoming celebration dinner). Note from Lynn: obviously I greatly appreciate Di’s contribution selecting songs/soloists, music distribution, seating arrangement, processional, planning the Celebration Dinner, et al!

Also, the offering, initially announced as $996.42, was actually $1,310.42, which the SafeCenter expressed great appreciation for. We are hopeful the Cook Foundation will match this. That doesn’t really acknowledge the many grocery items that helped kick off the “Owosso Cares” project for local food pantries.

Next year will commemorate twenty years since the initial Community Choir program in 1998. Diana and I appreciate so much what your contribution to those efforts mean to us. As in all of life, we desire to bring glory to God through our Community Choir. Feel welcome to share your thoughts on how we can best celebrate the 20-year milestone, and please know we are anxious to have you as part of our choir next year!

With our appreciation,

Lynn and Diana Webster,


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