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Letter to the Editor


Lauri L. Braid, Hazelton Township, Shiawassee County Clerk

10:49 am

Independent Editor,
Many supporters have asked me to respond to the negative ads and letters to the editor. I thank you all for your concern and advice. This has been one of the most vicious and negative campaigns I have ever seen.
Early on, my husband and I decided to take the high road and not go the negative route. I have qualifications and experience in the clerk’s office that I can tout. The decision was made to rely on my record and support of those I have directly served in my office. My ads reflect my high road decision.
In the 2012 election, 22,707 county residents voted for me. That was a huge sign of support. This year, a handful of people have thrown down the gauntlet and challenged me to join in a mudslinging fight. I refuse to go there even though it is tempting.
I stand by my record and want to reassure the thousands that voted for me in past years that I am the same county clerk you elected the first time in 2000. But, with much more experience to serve you even better.
I was recently asked why I wanted to be re-
elected. The answer is simple: “I like this job!”  Please vote next Tuesday, Aug. 2 and re-elect me as your county clerk.

Lauri L. Braid,
Hazelton Township
Shiawassee County Clerk

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