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Letter to the Editor


Kenneth Insco, Hazelton Township

2:34 pm

Independent Editor,

   I live on Geeck Road, between Juddville and Six Mile Creek roads. I like to call it “the Shiawassee County Dust Bowl.” This is ridiculous. I dare anyone, road commissioners or a county official, to spend a couple hours, morning or evening rush hour, a weekend would be even better – and experience this dust for themselves. Of course highway speeds don’t help anything. You literally have to turn away from traffic doing yard work or even going to the mailbox. That is just hard to breathe. Don’t dare open the door or window. Chloride treatments are a joke. If it does not rain the next day it is gone in 3 days. Twice a season usually within a couple weeks of each other and that is it for the rest of summer. Don’t get me wrong, farmers are not the problem, the amount of traffic is. I wish it were hard packed dirt. Not my first time living on a dirt road, definitely the worst. Thanks for letting me vent.

Kenneth Insco, Hazelton Township

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