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Letter to the Editor


Kay Lorraine-Lauro, Owosso

12:44 pm

Letter to the Editor

Independent Editor,
Enough is enough. Last Sunday’s papers had stories about what a mess our new county clerk says she has walked into. Well, I’m here to say there is no way our previous county clerk, Lauri Braid walked out of that office leaving it in a mess. That just did not happen.
During my working career I can’t even count the number of times a new manager came into a position and claimed they walked into a mess. No they did not. Just because they didn’t know what the previous person in that position did, does not mean the previous person left it in a mess. Also, just because they really don’t know what they are doing, does not mean the previous person left it in a mess.
The case of the county clerk, I think, could be considered something like a hostile takeover.  Under those circumstances did this new person actually believe the previous clerk was going to lay everything out on a silver platter for her?
Our new clerk seemed pretty sure of herself when she was running for office. Now that she is in the job, and obviously in over her head, she wants to blame everything on the previous clerk. No, that isn’t right. I do know the previous clerk was very conscientious about doing her job right and within the law. She would not throw away all of her ethics and integrity just to create a mess for the next clerk.  That wouldn’t be her style. More like she just didn’t bend over backwards to help her. I can’t say that I blame her for that. I would not have. It is not her job to train her replacement. Did Braidwood bend over backwards to help BeGole? Not likely. I will say the clerk’s position is one that will create enemies, if done correctly. The clerk is supposed to keep others in line, remind them when they try to step outside their legal limits.  Some don’t like that. Lauri Braid did her job correctly.
The new clerk just needs to put her head down and go to work. Quit whining, she got the job she wanted now figure out what she needs to do and pray she does everything as well as her predecessor did.

Kay Lorraine-Lauro, Owosso

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