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Letter to the Editor


Kay Lorraine-Lauro, Owosso

2:43 pm

Independent Editor,
Lauri Braid, our current Shiawassee County Clerk, has been the county clerk during the time that I have been most frequently making requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act. I can only believe I have to be one of the ones making the most requests. Lauri has been most helpful and has done due diligence in meeting and exceeding her responsibilities in her position as FOIA coordinator.
In many cases where she has access to the
information she has fired the information back at me within moments of my request. I have appreciated that immensely. I do like to get my facts right, before running my mouth. There has been none of the silly games some like to play, like using the full five business days and/or requesting additional time when the information is easily available.
Lauri is just no nonsense and does her job promptly and with courtesy. The few times I have gone in to her office to review information she and her staff have also been helpful. I believe she takes doing her job correctly very seriously and does her due diligence in every aspect of the job. We really can’t ask for anything more of a county clerk.

Kay Lorraine-Lauro, Owosso

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