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Letter to the Editor


Kay Lorraine-Lauro, Bennington Township

9:07 am

Independent Editor,
Again? Even I cannot believe the mess Owosso Charter Township’s Oak Grove Cemetery was in on Memorial Day. Again! Or maybe I should say “still.” This year, of all the years I have known about was the most perfect weather leading up to Memorial Day. Just absolutely gorgeous weather, no excuse for not mowing the lawn. Even if the lawnmower broke down, there was plenty of time to rent one.
What glorious excuse can the “Cemetery Committee” come up with to cover this up this time?  No excuse is good enough. I certainly hope all who visited the cemetery call Supervisor Miller and let him know what they think about it.  Maybe the voters should think about if they even want this guy as a trustee.

Kay Lorraine-Lauro, Bennington Township

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