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Letter to the Editor


Kasey Hadd

7:14 pm

Independent Editor, 

  September is chronic pain awareness month. There are an estimated 50 million people who suffer from chronic intractable in the year 2023. There are many conventional and non-conventional treatment methods that can reduce the sharpness of the pain. One of those treatment methods is opioid pain medication. The able-bodied population is blissfully ignorant and misinformed around opioid pain medication. If you listen to mainstream media, you would think that we are in an “opioid” crisis when in actuality it is an illict carefentenyl poisoning. When the mainstream media neglects to differentiate between pharmaceutical grade fentenyl and illict carefentenyl, the able-bodied population will be misinformed/fear mongering/miscommunication. This is being done by design. It keeps you quiet and compliant. Physical dependency is vastly different from psychological addiction, you can be physically dependent on many different substances but not psychologically addicted, additionally building a tolerance to a substance is a predictable outcome from long term use. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms is also a predictable outcome from long term use and doesn’t immediately equal SUD (substance use disorder). No one is immune to sickness, injury or age and each of you are one situation away from needing pain medication. My one situation blindsided me when it happened. I want to prepare you, not scare you. Opioid pain medication helps reduce the sharpness of my pain. I don’t know what no pain feels like. The only time I do not hurt is when I sleep and sleep is elusive. Most people think that opioid pain medication is the first line of treatment methods, when in actuality it is last resorts for treatments. Quality of life is so important. Opioid pain medication helps me be the wife, mom and pain patient advocate. I want my neighbors to thrive and not just survive. every person needs individualized healthcare every single day by any treatment that benefits them no matter what their diagnosis. Pain doesn’t discriminate. If you think your employer can’t function without you, your job will be listed the same day your obituary is listed. Correct use doesn’t equal abuse.

Kasey Hadd


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