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Letter to the Editor


Josephine L. Miersen, Woodhull Township Resident

11:33 am

Independent Editor,
Supervisor Hasse Has Returned Woodhull Township to Ethical Governance.
In May of this year, Diana Hasse was appointed Woodhull Township Supervisor to fill the unexpired term of former supervisor Pamela Slee. Slee hastily resigned in disgrace after it was discovered that she altered a letter of opinion from the township attorney in order to mislead the Board of Trustees and the township’s taxpayers as to its original content.
In the wake of Slee’s dramatic departure, Diana Hasse inherited the unenviable job of returning the Township government to transparent and ethical practices. She is doing so with both hands tied behind her back because of Slee’s refusal to return the township’s computer. The township’s records are on that computer, which is currently in Slee’s home office that was paid for and furnished at the expense of Woodhull Township for Slee’s convenience.
Her supporters failed to mention that item in their letters to the editor. That fact is significant because it is the reason the township has incurred additional legal fees. Supervisor Hasse was forced to file suit against Slee in order to secure the township computer’s return. Slee has yet to comply.
Show your support for Supervisor Hasse by voting for her on Nov. 8 and by demanding that Pamela Slee return the township’s computer at once, undamaged and with its records intact.

Josephine L. Miersen, Woodhull Township Resident

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