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Letter to the Editor


JoAnn Goodson, Owosso

4:41 pm

Editor, The Independent:

The Empire strikes back – again and again! This time they have produced a mass mailing of slick material including pictures of urchins holding signs describing the primitive conditions under which they try to learn in the former Owosso High School building.

A teacher has a sign stating a drafty window makes it difficult for her to teach. How odd. It was not many years ago that the windows in that building were replaced using the Sinking Fund (of 3 mills per year) just recently renewed by voters. And the dear little duped urchins (pawns of the teachers) are highly distressed by a little crumbling concrete – which could be repaired using the above cited Sinking Fund.

Is it really a horror that children are going to school in a building constructed in 1928? I think not.

The real horror tale here is that children are not learning – anything. They cannot read, write, add, subtract, multiply or divide. They definitely do not know anything about the government of this once great nation. And they cannot think critically at all. Proof of this is the dismal performance on standardized tests. A member of the State Board of Education suggests that when students learn how to take the tests (i.e. they are coached by their teachers on the answers) the scores will improve.

As to the need for electronics in the classroom, no less an architect of the digital as Steve Jobs said that computers for grade school children were unnecessary. Amen to that.

So I suggest that new buildings are not needed. What is needed is competent teaching. Perhaps we need to return to the 1928-style teachers. In re: drafty windows, perhaps many of the students live in houses with drafty windows, which their parents would like to replace. If they live in a rented home maybe the landlord would like to replace those windows. But with constantly rising taxes the new windows cannot be afforded. Suck it up teachers. You can live with it but the poor people of Owosso cannot live with your Cadillac school demands.

Vote “No” on Nov 3!

JoAnn Goodson, Owosso

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