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Letter to the Editor


James A. Huguelet, Mayor for the City of Perry

11:06 am

Independent Editor:
I hate negative letters. They are so often nothing more than a personal tirade from an angry person who simply did not get their way in some matter. I have, from time to time, read such letters penned about me. I expect I will read such letters again in the future and hope to find them as amusing as they have been for me in the past. But sometimes hard truths must be spoken and it is regrettable and unavoidable that there will be a negative aspect to those hard truths. Now is just such a time to face hard truths.
When Shiawassee County’s own judicial statesmen, judges with nearly six decades of honorable service between them, covering most of the tenure of our current County Clerk, step out from the self imposed silence on political matters that marks their outstanding careers as our judges, to tell us there is a serious and systematic problem in the clerk’s conduct and that it is time for the voters of Shiawassee County to make a change, we will be well served to listen and give great weight to their advice. I find it unfortunate that their words ring true in my personal experience with this clerk.
I am forced to agree that a change is needed to serve and protect the interests of all citizens in Shiawassee County. A County Clerk who holds the disagreement of others with her against them when she is suppose to be our clerk is not fit to hold that office. A County Clerk who pulls court files from the place they belong to hold in her personal custody for unknown reasons deserve no trust. A County Clerk who can not bring herself to be civil towards people who have disagreed with her, does not have the temperament to perform the duties of the office with the event hand unbiased view required of our County Clerk.
We are fortunate to have available in this August election a candidate who fits the bill for an outstanding County Clerk to a tee. I have known Caroline Wilson through her service at the Shiawassee County Friend of the Court for many years. I have known her there when my role was as a custodial parent and I have known her there when my role was as a non-custodial parent. I have found her to be a woman of character, who would set aside her feelings and personal opinions, and strive to follow the law, the order of the court and act with a clear desire to be fair to everyone involved, even when some have angrily disagreed with her. This is exactly the qualities needed in our County Clerk at all times. Caroline Wilson has the right attitude, the personal character and the right set of skills to be the County Clerk we all deserve.
On August 2, I will go to the polls and cast a vote for Caroline Wilson for Shiawassee County Clerk. I will join with our judges, now moved on to a respectable retirement, and vote for a change. I urge you to join Gerald Lostracco, James Clatterbaugh, myself and countless others this August and make Caroline Wilson our Shiawassee County Clerk.

James A. Huguelet, Mayor for the City of Perry

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