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Letter to the Editor


Gregory Brodeur, Owosso

11:40 pm

Independent editor,

Enough already!

   A local group, Owosso For Change, has “demanded” changes in school curricula to confront racism, white supremacy, homophobia and a list of other bigotries I assume they see as rampant in our community. They want a ‘proactive plan to eliminate oppression and bullying.’

   Ugh – where to start? First off, is there anything more bullying than adults with a captive audience of children telling those children they have bigotry in their hearts and carry guilt about events that happened before their parents were born – simply because of the sin of their skin color?   

   As a former Owosso School Board member for 8 years, I can assure you that we already ask much of teachers in preparing our children for the future without asking them to be substitute parents, clergy or social workers.

   It was said we need “frank and open dialogue” about these issues. Does anyone believe this? Frank and open dialogue about racial disparities is not allowed today! Any disagreement or suggestion of a solution that does not see people as either oppressors or victims because of their racial or other identity group is met with howls of “racism” and labels of “fascist” and “Nazi.” The only acceptable response is to bow your head and apologize for the evil in your heart that they assure you is there.

   The vast majority of us are disgusted by this, but too many fear the consequences of speaking up – the character assassination and even destruction of their livelihoods. But can we stand by silently anymore?  They are coming for our children. We have to say “ENOUGH!”

   Enough using children as political pawns!

   Enough assigning guilt based on skin color or any other group characteristic!

   Enough condemning an entire community because of the alleged actions of a few who have not even been identified.

   Enough thought and speech control.

   Enough hating the failures of our past but ignoring the greatness!

   And not least – enough telling everyone who is not you that we have evil and bigotry in our minds even if we can’t see it. That only you – the pure and anointed ones – can see it and, of course, know just how to cure it.   

   If these people want to search out and work to reduce bigotry they should start by looking in the mirror.

Gregory Brodeur, Owosso

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