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Letter to the Editor


“Grandma Myrtle” Zelensky, Owosso

9:45 am

Independent Editor,

   On Tuesday, Feb. 3 many watched as Nancy Pelosi deliberately tore up her copy of the president’s speech with a proud and demeaning look on her face.

  I had tears in my eyes at her public showing of such disrespect from a “lady” in her position.

   Not one of us was promised a perfect life – or some issue we’d rather not deal with – but that’s life. Everyone has a right to their opinion and to share it – but respectfully and appropriately.

   I learned a long time ago that four people on four corners can see the same action, but from their own viewpoint. That does not make their viewpoint more of less valuable than others.

   Sadly, respect and responsibility seems to be set aside more today, as people think and react to “I want” and “I need,” and not what can we work out together for the best benefit for all?

   People – rich, poor, working middle class, different political or religious backgrounds, heritage or color – whatever happened to love and respect? For family, neighbors. This next generation coming up are learning from our behavior. What are we teaching them, from the heart, from our actions, tone of voice and expressions?

   Think over the facts, sleep on it, think it over again and share your thoughts with others, but appropriately.

   Even the cartoons today are sad and far from funny. Agree with me, or as seen in the cartoons, you will be kicked, shot or punched in the face. Think people and react responsibly. It’s not just for today, but all of our tomorrows, our children’s future and our retirement.

   Love, laugh, live and learn. Every day.

“Grandma Myrtle” Zelensky, Owosso

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