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Letter to the Editor


Francis “Bus” Spaniola, Corunna

2:50 pm

Independent Editor,

   Corunna Public Schools is asking our community to go to the polls May 4 and vote on two proposals, which if enacted, would ensure safer and more efficient facilities to the students.

   The proposals include an addition to Elsa Meyer which would house all K-3 students, install air conditioning at Louise Peacock preschool and Elsa Meyer, replace playground equipment at Louise Peacock and make necessary improvements to the sports facilities.

   The passage of both proposals would incur an investment of only 32 cents per week or less than $18 per year for a $120,000 home with a taxable value of $60,000. I believe this is a reasonable, responsible and necessary investment for the future of our youth and our community.

   Please join me by voting yes on both proposals.

Thank you!

Francis “Bus” Spaniola, Corunna

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