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Letter to the Editor


Everyl Yankee, Morrice

10:51 am

Independent Editor,

   Clean fuels in Michigan have contributed to 69,000 jobs and nearly $19 billion to Michigan’s economy. The state and local taxes on this amount to $700 million.

   Ford plans to have 40 electric vehicles in its 2022 lineup. GM has plans for 20 electric vehicles by 2023. Right now, Michigan leads the USA in clean transportation patents, research facilities and spending on clean fuel innovation. However, China is ahead of the USA in EV infrastructure, development and sales.

   The biggest drawback right now to EV sales is called “range anxiety,” which is precipitated by the overall lack of public and commercial battery recharging stations for electric vehicles.

   There is a bill package in the state legislature right now – House Bills 4786 through 4789 and Senate Bills 406 through 409 – that would address this by placing charging stations in park and rides lots, state parks, harbors, at businesses and multi-unit housing, setting Michigan on a path to becoming the first fully networked charging state.

   As our auto industry ramps up for this huge change, we can support the working force by asking our state representatives and senators to pass these bills. Please contact your senator and representative to ask them to support the bipartisan bills now being discussed.

Everyl Yankee, Morrice

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