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Letter to the Editor


Eugene Allardyce, New Lothrop

11:58 am

Independent Editor,

In response to the Letter to the Editor from Mr. Ford of Sept. 10, a little education is in order. Don’t attempt to rewrite history while those who lived it and helped make it happen are still around. I was a duly-elected Republican Precinct Delegate in 1988 and I, along with the majority of the Saginaw County delegates, voted for George H. W. Bush as our Republican Presidential candidate. I attended all of the Precinct Delegate meetings and the so-called “all-important Southern Strategy” was never mentioned. I had to Google “Lee Atwater” in order to recall who he was or what he supposedly believed. I almost didn’t reply to Mr. Ford’s allegations, but I felt pushback is necessary. It is just politics. Republicans and Democrats are overwhelmingly good people who want the best for all the citizens of this country; we just have different philosophies about how to make that happen.

Do some white supremacists vote Republican? Probably. They may also vote Democratic. But that is not and never will be part of the Republican or Democratic agenda. White supremacists are a few pathetic individuals who are marginalized and ostracized by most Americans, and, as a Republican, I find their entire ideology disgusting and deplorable. The current narrative being put forth in most of the media that Donald Trump and all Republicans are racists and/or white supremacists is a feeble attempt by the Democratic Party to undermine the legal election of Donald Trump. The election of 2016 proved that Democrats have little to offer the American people in relation to what the Republicans have to offer. The Democrats must stop the consistent negative remarks and behaviors against our president. If the Democratic agenda had appealed to legal American voters, Mrs. Clinton would currently be president. As it stands, her message did not appeal to the average citizen of this nation and she lost the election. She did not lose because of a predisposed attitude in the Republican Party regarding the “Southern Strategy”; she lost because her message and the work of the previous administration was not acceptable to millions and millions of voters in the 2016 election.


Eugene Allardyce,

New Lothrop

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