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Letter to the Editor


Dr. Brian J. Boggs

11:47 am

Independent Editor,

Dear Durand Precinct I Citizens,

   Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve as one of your representatives on the Durand City Council for the last 17 years. In that time, the city of Durand has undergone much positive change, and I would ask for your support to keep the momentum and progress moving forward during the election on Nov. 3.

   As one of your representatives, I have worked hard to build and improve Durand while maintaining our small-town feel. We have received over $8.5 million in grant funding that has been used for reconstructing the downtown, local streets and assisting in economic development (including the redevelopment of the old junior high school into the Sycamore House and bringing the SageLink headquarters to the downtown).

   While I have served on the City Council, we have reconstructed more than 43 local streets and have a detailed plan for repaving the remaining streets. When the $10 million rural development infrastructure project that is currently underway is completed, we will have eliminated city flooding, installed miles of new sanitary sewer, water and storm sewer pipes, and reconstructed several local streets.

   I have remained socially progressive and fiscally conservative with my vision for the city. During the economic crisis, I worked hard to find ways to keep our current levels of services with less money, and as a result, the city has emerged stronger and strategically positioned to grow and continue to develop. I plan to continue to push for an aggressive street and infrastructure reconstruction plan, continue to refinance city debt to lower taxes and water rates and promote economic development for new businesses and more local jobs.

   Again, thank you for providing me the opportunity to serve you on the City Council. In November, there are two positions open in Precinct I for council member, and I am asking for you to consider me as one of your two choices. I am interested in learning about concerns or challenges facing you and your family regarding our city government. Please contact me at my email – – and I will respond promptly.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Brian J. Boggs

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