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Letter to the Editor


Danielle R. Slama, Owosso

10:32 pm

Independent Editor,

   I’m the type of person that believes that there are good and bad in every group. Good cops, bad cops, good politicians, bad politicians, good Democrats and bad Democrats. Same for Republicans! There are even good and bad in every “race” in the United States.

   What puzzles me is that I don’t see Republicans destroying and stealing property. My Trump 2020 sign was stolen out of my yard and it hurts. I’m a single mom and don’t have a ton of money and I supported my president and bought a sign to proudly put in my yard and someone decided because they don’t like Trump to steal it from me (and probably destroyed it!). I don’t see anyone stealing the other election signs out of people’s yards. Why is it only the Republican Party that gets attacked?

   All the destructive Democrats do is hurt themselves when they show their true colors by hurting and destroying. It makes no sense to me that everyone can’t just respect everyone’s decisions as a nation. Instead of stealing my sign, put one up in your own yard, and show your own support! Don’t hurt someone else in the process. Those good Democrats out there have an opportunity here to stand up and tell the others the same. There are a lot of bad apples ruining it for the rest.

   It’s a sad world we are living in these days that the police are attacked, children are attacked, good innocent people and their businesses are attacked, beautiful monuments of this nation were attacked, our beautiful U.S. flag is attacked!

   To me, it looks like these people are just not educated or refuse to do a little work and educate themselves on what all these things really stand for. This United States of America is a beautiful and free country! All the above mentioned make this a beautiful and free country. Why are there so many that are determined to destroy it? If you do not like this beautiful and free country, there are others you can move to.

   As I stated above, I know there are good and bad Republicans, but for the majority of them, we respect others’ property, lives and decisions. We only ask that you do the same. Let the corruption stay in Portland, Chicago and New York – let’s at least keep our little city of Owosso on the straight and narrow. Please do not take others’ property or loot and destroy. And if you still have it, can you please put my sign back?

Danielle R. Slama, Owosso

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