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Letter to the Editor


Clark Harder, Owosso

11:12 pm

Independent Editor,

  I write in support of the Public Transportation millage for City of Owosso on the Tuesday, Feb. 27 City of Owosso ballot. As a resident of the city, I am thankful that we have the service of SATA available to us and this millage, which we have supported as a community in the past, will guarantee that public transportation remains available to us, with advantages of advance scheduling and participating community rates for trips.

  Many may not realize that public transportation brings additional advantages beyond just having transportation available.

  As Executive Director of the Michigan Public Transit Association for the past 25 years, I have worked with communities throughout the state who are fortunate to have public transportation available. I’ve learned that many businesses locate and expand operations only when they know that there is public transit available to guarantee employees can get to work and that customers have a way of accessing their businesses. Public Transit is often noted as one of the greatest tools in economic development.

  In Owosso, transit makes sure that non-driving residents are able to access their medical appointments, groceries, pharmacies, shopping, education, social services and social activities. It helps to make Owosso a more attractive community for new development and residents.

  I’m voting “yes” to keep Public Transportation affordable and available in our city.

Clark Harder, Owosso

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