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Letter to the Editor


Carl Stevens, Owosso

5:13 pm

Independent Editor,

  “…Buckle up, we’re going to continue this work,” said MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as she signed legislation into law that will curtail Constitutional Firearm Rights of law-abiding citizens.

  So, what’s next Governor? You’re ready to sign the unconstitutional Red Flag legislation into law. What then? Pushing for another unconstitutional ban on so-called “assault rifles” and “large” capacity magazines? Where does it stop? How will you enforce all these new laws? Illegal registration of firearms? Unlawful confiscation? Many democrats herald the UK and Australian example for their handling of the gun “crisis” which is just what they did. Yet in all of this new legislation, I see absolutely no mention of removing illegal guns from criminal hands. And ultimately, what happens when these measures don’t work to reduce mass shootings? Do we get these rights back? Not hardly.

  It was kind of ironic that her signing of this gun control legislation into law was right around the same time as the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising of 1943. Nazi Germany tried to deport the remaining Jewish citizens of the Warsaw ghetto to one of the death camps that they ran during WWII. The Jews fought back. The revolt was unsuccessful, though they gave it a good try. One of the main reasons that it failed was that the only arms the Jewish people had were the few weapons that they were able to smuggle in overtime preceding the revolt. Why did they have to sneak them in? Because under German law in 1928 and particularly Nazi German law of 1938 after the invasion of Poland, firearms were (and still are) required to be registered with the government so that they know who has firearms and where they all are. The 1938 law was particularly heinous in that it specifically was aimed at Jewish people to ensure that they were disarmed.

  Now, we have a disturbing parallel going on in Michigan and other states here in the U.S.

  We have President Joe Biden hollering any chance he gets to “Ban assault weapons”. And even wanting to ban 9mm pistols, by far the most common firearm bought by citizens for self-defense. But at the same time multiple democrat lawmakers are always claiming that “Nobody is coming to take your guns away!”

  We also have Gov. Whitmer’s background check for ALL gun sales law that she just signed. Do you know what this will require? All firearms will need to be registered with the state government. Don’t think so? How else will they know when a firearm has changed hands? And to add insult to injury: Say that you have your heirloom 12-gauge shotgun. Maybe not worth a whole lot but passed down from your grandfather. Now you want to pass it down to your grandson. Someone that you more than likely helped grow up, trained them to handle firearms safely, taught right from wrong, and love and trust. “Not so fast” says Gov. Whitmer. First you need to get permission from the state in the form of a background check before you can give it to him. And now the state will have a registered record of it. A record that they will be all too willing to turn over to the federal government.

  Starting to sound familiar? I’d say history could be in danger of repeating itself.

Carl Stevens, Owosso

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