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Letter to the Editor


Brooke Raley – Student Letter

11:32 am

Independent Editor,
My name is Brooke Raley and I am a senior at Durand High School. There is a pressing issue in our community that I would like to inform your readers about; poverty in the U.S.
In the U.S., our poverty rate is 14 percent, which means that 46 million people are living in poverty. The average amount of money given to people in poverty each month is $133, and the poverty line is set at $11,892 for an individual. This makes life for people extremely hard. They don’t have availability to proper shelter or healthy living conditions. They also have to make tough choices like getting food or medicine. In Michigan, Detroit has the highest poverty rate at 38 percent. Because of the poverty, public education has suffered from lack of resources for learning.
To help people who are suffering from poverty, you can help at a local food bank or volunteer at your local homeless shelter. Also, you can donate to the organization Move for Hunger.

Brooke Raley

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