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Letter to the Editor


Brandon Marks, Durand City

1:49 pm

Independent Editor,

Friends and neighbors, for nearly two years I have had the privilege of representing District 4 as your county commissioner. Unfortunately, negative commentary has become very normal in today’s political world. I am aware that there are some individuals who would rather tear a public servant down than present opinions based on facts. I, however, choose to stay positive and talk about my accomplishments rather than use negative discourse.

During my first term as commissioner, the board accomplished one of our many goals regarding public safety by restoring our Sheriff’s Department night shift road patrol. We also added three new deputies, including a k-9 officer. We have expanded the Veterans board to include more members, in order to increase accountability and transparency department-wide. We have implemented new technology and have strengthened human resource and financing capabilities by streamlining the budgetary process, thus creating more internal controls. There have been many other accomplishments that the board has achieved, and I am glad that we brought all of these things to the taxpayers under budget.

I am very proud to have served as a member of the current board of commissioners. This board has often resolved problems that are decades in the making and require critical thinking, as well as a great deal of collaboration between the commissioners.

As you head to the polls on Tuesday, I ask you to give me the opportunity to continue serving as your county commissioner.

Brandon Marks,

Durand City

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