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Letter to the Editor


Bailey Nichols, Durand

11:27 am

Independent Editor,

   The choice people make to drink alcohol has consumed many parts of the city of Durand and the state, posing a safety hazard for themselves and others around them. I have recently conducted interviews of citizens of Durand. When I interviewed a manager from Riverside Market about the accident on Jan. 13, 2020 involving a drunk driver, he thought, “How could someone do that? If they didn’t see the poles how would they see a pedestrian crossing the street or another car?” The incident became a high discussion point in their business. However, it did not impact their business sales.

   Police Chief Jason Hartz assures us that we have adequate laws addressing drunk driving. In law enforcement there is routine, regular training and legal refreshers for the police officers regarding this topic. Hartz believes there will not be an increase in alcohol related accidents in the New Year. Providing full-time police coverage has lowered the overall impact that drunk driving has on our city.

Bailey Nichols, Durand

*The city of Durand, during the fall 2019 construction season, installed a pedestrian island on N. Oak Street in front of Riverside. The island is comprised of a walkway that is surrounded by cement poles to allow Riverside shoppers and other foot traffic to safely cross Oak Street. In January of this year, a drunk driver struck and damaged the island. The incident occurred over the weekend, but city workers fixed the damage the following Monday morning.

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