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Letter to the Editor


Amy L. Martin, Corunna

2:52 pm

Independent Editor,

   For citizens in many counties throughout the state of Michigan, elections bring a chance of finding a K-12 school bond proposals on the ballot. That is true for residents of the Corunna School District on May 4. As you consider your vote, will you make an informed decision, or one based on gut reaction? A committee was formed of trusted community members to look at the potential scope of a possible bond(s) back in the fall. The committee made two recommendations to the Board of Education. They looked closely at the numbers/cost to ensure your “yes” vote would support not only our students, but your best interests. 

   Everything has a life expectancy and there are some items on Proposal 1 and 2 that will replace items that have been used well beyond their life expectancy. Others would improve facilities for years to come and open new possibilities for students, staff, families and the community. For instance, you will see the addition of six classrooms at Elsa Meyer Elementary which bring begindergarten, kindergarten and pre-first children within the city of Corunna with all the other district buildings. The possibilities of what Nellie Reed could provide in the way of housing other school district programs and groups is exciting to think about. 

   As wonderful as the district is already we must not be satisfied with the status quo. There are always things that could be made better and be beneficial for years to come. 

  Please join me by voting “YES” and “YES” on proposals 1 and 2 on May 4. Our kids deserve it!


Amy L. Martin, Corunna

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