By Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

The Durand Board of Education decided during its Wednesday, March 30 Committee of the Whole meeting to prepare a resolution stating that the board intends to select the Victory Biker Church’s bid of $125,000 for the purchase of Doyle Knight Elementary in Lennon. The board would then officially vote on the matter during its April 18 meeting.

An official roll-call vote was not taken to create the resolution, but the board members agreed that they were all ready to decide between the church and HQ Adventure Acadamy, which bid $15,000 for the 4.6-acre property.

“It’s nothing against the Pratts (the HQ Adventure Acadamy bidders), but we have to remember, this building belongs to all of the people in the school district,” Board of Education President Xak Zdunic said. “We have to do what is best for all the taxpayers, so we have to try to get as much back as we can.”

Superintendent Craig McCrumb added that the money from the sale would all go directly towards bond payments, and to ease the burden on the taxpayers.

“This money won’t go back into our coffers,” McCrumb said. “We can’t put this money into our General Fund. We aren’t going to buy school buses with it. All of this money is going to go to making interest payments in the bonds.”

The Pratts had to leave before the conclusion of the meeting, but Apostle Brian McKay of the Victory Biker Church said that he “expected the decision,” but that he is “looking forward to working with the village of Lennon, the residents, and the school” in the future. He called the decision “a blessing for everyone involved.” He has also pledged to work with the Friends of Doyle Knight (FODK) resident group to establish and preserve a veterans’ monument on the grounds, as they have requested, if the village deems it the most suitable location.

Additionally, the board agreed that another community forum to discuss the sale of Wilbur Bills Elementary was needed. The meeting will take place at the Bancroft Village Hall, 108 Warren St. to give Bancroft residents a chance to attend. A date was not chosen during Wednesday’s meeting.

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