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   Ken McDonough, 62, current Durand Mayor and longtime Durand City Council member, officially filed with the Shiawassee County Clerk’s Office on Tuesday, March 8 to run for Shiawassee County Commissioner District 4 as a Republican.

   McDonough is a strong supporter of the Durand community and District 4 area with a number of family members residing in the region. He unfortunately lost two brothers due to COVID-19 not long after becoming mayor. He has two other brothers remaining: one biological and one adopted. He has been married to his wife, Kim, for 42 years. They have an adult son who is set to marry this coming October.

   McDonough was born in Queens, NY, but his father moved the family to Detroit until the 1960s riots that saw his uncle, a police officer, being shot in the hip on duty. Following, McDonough’s father then relocated the family to Byron and Ken started 5th-grade in the Byron School District. The family lived in a farmhouse and his dad commuted to his job in Detroit.

   In time, McDonough took a position with the railroad, but was laid off after five years. In the 1980s, he accepted a position with the city of Durand in the water department, continuing with his education and focusing on his licensing related to his job. He has a thorough understanding of water and sewer infrastructure, having worked with the city for many years.

   Included in his employment are 22 years he has worked in sales with East Jordan or EJ, a company that makes manhole covers and frames. He plans to retire from EJ soon, which will give him more time to serve. His council term is set to end soon, too.

   Politically, McDonough shared his first priority is a return to county transparency. “Our county needs more transparency,” he stated. “With people, you’ve got to be upfront with them. Honest. Tell the truth. You’re never going to make everyone happy, but we need to all work together. There is a bright future here in Shiawassee County and in the district I hope to represent. But transparency is number one. No game playing. I run a good meeting. I’m upfront. I have a lot of experience with budgets and audits. I’ve had a lot of MML training. I’m always learning and have lots of council experience.” McDonough has served on the council for 18 years in total.

   “It’s time for Shiawassee County to shine,” McDonough stated. “The county needs to move forward and leave the past behind.”

   Regarding his party stance, McDonough offered, “I am a Republican, but I split my vote. I vote for the person running, not just the party. I don’t necessarily care: Republican or Democrat. 

We are one nation. We work together. That’s why our flag has always hung. When you see that flag, that’s what it represents: we the people, all of the people.”

   “If elected, I will stand for my district and voters,” he said. “We need night coverage again from the sheriff’s office. We need to fix roads. We need to focus on the county debt. We need to move forward. I will work with the townships, find out directly what they want and bring that to commissioners.”

   “I believe Shiawassee County is too often overlooked. Shiawassee County needs to be seen and heard,” McDonough stated.

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