The Durand City Council has adopted a new city ordinance permitting the use of off-road vehicles (ORVs) on city streets. The ORV ordinance follows a recently adopted resolution to also permit the use of golf carts on city streets. The new golf cart regulations took effect on Aug. 3, and the new ORV ordinance will go into effect on Tuesday, Sept. 15.

   Operation of golf carts and ORVs both come with certain regulations, including the presence of lights, mirrors and other safety features on all applicable vehicles. Golf carts are prohibited from travelling in excess of 15 miles per hour, and ORVs must not exceed 25 miles per hour on any street. All other traffic rules still apply to drivers of golf carts and ORVs. ORVs must be registered with the Secretary of State for on-road use, but golf cart drivers may contact Durand City Hall at (989)288-3113 or complete the Golf Cart Vehicle Information Form on the City website. Providing basic ownership information is required in order to operate a golf cart locally. The Durand Police Department will enforce traffic and operator violations in accordance with city ordinance.

   Durand Mayor Deb Doyle shared, “The decision to allow on-street golf carts and ORVs comes in response to a growing number of requests from local residents. We are excited to try something new, and encourage residents to stay safe!”

   The new regulations apply to all streets within the city of Durand jurisdiction. ORVs were already permitted on Shiawassee County roads but remain prohibited on state or federal roads, such as M-71.

   To learn more about operator rules and regulations, please visit the city of Durand website at The On-Street ORV Ordinance and On-Street Golf Cart Resolution are also available in their full text format on the city website.

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