By Janae Fear, staff writer

ARNOLD Dunchock when he spoke at a July 19, 2011 Owosso City Council meeting.(Independent File Photos/BILL CONSTINE)

The Corunna City Council unanimously denied a proposal presented by Arnie Dunchock regarding his buildings at 223/225 N. Shiawassee (M-71 across from the Shiawassee County Courthouse) and a house at 117/119 E. Mack (east of the Corunna City Hall/Corunna-Caledonia Fire Department, directly across from the county’s Courts & Public Health Building).

The council’s decision came during the regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 17. There was not a quorum for the regularly scheduled meeting of Monday, Nov. 16, so that was adjourned until a quorum could be met on Tuesday.

City Attorney Richard Burlingame spoke passionately to the council about the long-standing issue stating that the proposal by Dunchock did not address the issues. “This all started in 2012. It’s been three years and what I need from Mr. Dunchock is not more paper but a hammer to fix those buildings. To have let those historic buildings go to hell is absolutely sinful. He has done nothing,” stated Burlingame.

Dunchock has brought both civil and criminal suits against the city of Corunna in relation to his property. His proposal included terminating all civil and criminal suits, including any anticipated matters, replacing the west wall of 223/225 N. Shiawassee at his own cost by July 2016 and repairing both the first and second floors by July 2018, as well as tearing down the long-vacant home at 117/119 E. Mack at his own cost by December 2016.

The proposal also included the request that the city repair the roof of 223/225 N. Shiawassee and place the cost on his taxes. City Attorney Burlingame noted that “I have not seen a tax roll in the last ten years without the Dunchocks being tardy by two to three years on eight or nine properties.”

Councilwoman Dawn Rodriques stated to Dunchock, “This is your first attempt to take any responsibility but it is not enough.“ Up for future council discussion will be whether the city should construct a barricade around the front of the building to protect citizens from any falling building materials. MDOT will have to be contacted since the M-71 right-of-way extends to the front of the building.

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