By Melissa Shepard, associate editor

MARY ALICE Campbell of Owosso educated members of the Doll Lover’s Club during their monthly meeting Tuesday, Nov. 3, in the Family Center at St. Paul Church of Owosso.

Campbell’s presentation was on Kachina Dolls, which are hundreds of years old. She explained that they are carved to represent the men who dance in costumes and each symbol, color and design on them has a special meaning. Campbell even wore a Kachina doll necklace during her presentation. (Independent Photo/MELISSA SHEPARD)

The Doll Lover’s Club of Owosso was originally started in 1970 in Bancroft. Founded by Ruth Varin, who passed away in 2005, it was called the Bancroft Doll Club and meetings were held at the Bancroft Methodist Church.

A few years ago the meetings were moved to Owosso and two years ago the name was changed to The Doll Lover’s Club. In the early years, members used to make dolls and exhibit them at the Shiawassee County Fair.

Since then, members have put dolls on display at various places, including the Montrose Historical and Telephone Museum, where they displayed Little House on the Prairie dolls in 1995; the Paymaster building in Owosso two years ago during the holiday season; and various other places. They also decorate a tree at the Durand Union Station (Depot) every year. Members also go to doll shows, do presentations at various organizations, and most importantly, have a “show and tell” time about dolls during their monthly meetings.

The club is open to new members. President Barbara Mason is one of the founding members of the club, and wants potential members to know that it is not a sale group. The group’s focus is to educate and learn about dolls. Meetings are the first Tuesday of every month from April through December. For questions, persons may contact Barbara Mason, (989) 634-5588.

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