By Karen Mead-Elford, staff writer

COURTSIDE CAFÉ owner, James LeGrow is shown at the front of the Owosso restaurant located on Washington and Main streets. (Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

James LeGrow purchased Owosso’s Courtside Café a year ago with the idea of offering a healthy alternative to the area breakfast and lunch crowd. In truth, that is the business tagline used at the restaurant: ‘Your healthy alternative,’ and he designed the extensive, new menu around that very theme. James LeGrow is the owner while Sharon, his wife, has assumed operational responsibilities of the restaurant on the corner of Main and Washington streets.

James was raised on a small farm and has been actively involved with motorcycles for years. “Over all the years of my adult life, I’d ride motorcycles with friends or by myself and I preferred to stop in small towns and the ‘Mom and Pop’ type restaurants to eat,” LeGrow stated. “I always liked cafes and that is often where my inner circle of motorcycle friends and myself would stop.” He credits these numerous hometown eateries as his source of inspiration that led to his purchase of Courtside Café in Owosso.

“I want our place to be like Cheers, where people are on a first-name basis. I want our place to be inviting, comfortable, friendly and offering quality food and service; a place to bring your family and friends,” James said, referencing the classic television sitcom. Small groups of friends meet at Courtside Café on a regular basis; sometimes just to share hot coffee and good conversation in a convenient and inviting location.

The LeGrow’s enjoy the small-town aura of the Owosso area and are dedicated to supporting the community. James recently donated gift certificates from Courtside Café to the 2016 Curwood Festival Pageant. He is also passionate about helping with the high school football team where he volunteers his coaching services. He hopes more local people will “get behind football,” and come out to back the kids.

Courtside Café, offers numerous gourmet breakfast and lunch options and is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Delivery is available within a 15 mile radious for a small fee which is convenient for individuals working in the area. LeGrow’s favorite option on the menu is the Southwest Wrap that includes grilled chicken, roasted corn, tomato, avocado, cheddar, sour cream, and black beans with cilantro jalapeño vinaigrette rolled in a wrap and grilled. Two other favorite options on the menu is the Traverse City and Caesar’s Palace Wraps. The Traverse City offers grilled chicken, walnuts, and dried cherries along with other appealing ingredients. The Caesar’s Palace has grilled chicken, bacon, tomato, shaved parmesan and more; all rolled in a wheat wrap.

As well as gourmet dessert options, the soup is always homemade and all ‘fresh’ items or produce are purchased the day they are intended for consumption. Courtside Café offers four burger options made from Grade A beef that is grilled: never fried. The iced tea is brewed fresh daily.

Looking for a healthy breakfast option? How about a parfait with seasonal fruit, granola and yogurt? The American Panini is another healthy option that utilizes egg whites, bacon, provolone, baby spinach, and tomato on a grilled ciabatta roll.

Whatever menu item you decide is your favorite, Owosso’s Courtside Café has plenty of healthy options to select from, whether you are dining in, ordering take-out, or want your order delivered to your office or front door.

Dining in Your Downtown – Courtside Café was last modified: March 30th, 2016 by Karen Elford