DENICE GRACE, the head docent at the Curwood Castle Museum, is shown during the Saturday Owosso Historic Home Tour, standing alongside a movie poster based off a Curwood story. Grace is passionate about James Oliver Curwood and Owosso history, offering insight into his life that many are unaware of – so if you are curious, stop in and visit.

   Over 200 movies have been based or inspired by his written works. The movie title in the poster is “Back to God’s Country” with Rock Hudson, Marcia Henderson and Steve Cockran. The first version of Back to God’s Country was made in 1919 on a budget of $67,000 with James Curwood as a producer. Yes – he was a producer, too. The plot of the movie was based on one of his short stories. The Rock Hudson version of the film was made in 1953, long after Curwood’s death in 1927.

   The Curwood Castle Museum includes many of Curwood’s original furnishings, along with items related to his life and distinguished career. People from around the world visit the castle throughout the year.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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