The Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget announced Tuesday afternoon that Shiawassee County unemployment for November 2015, the latest data available, showed a slight drop in unemployment, to 4.3 percent versus 4.4 percent in October 2015 and 5.4 percent in November 2014.

The county’s labor force was put at 33,425 for November 2015; 33,200 for October 2015; 33,250 for November 2014 with employment of 32,025 in November 2015; 31,750 in October 2015 and 31,450 for November 2014. Those listed as unemployed for November 2015 were estimated at 1,425; for October 2015, 1,450; and 1,800 for November 2014.

The slight jobless rate reductions across Mid-Michigan’s four metro areas were attributable to new labor force entrants gaining employment. These workers were likely entering the labor force for seasonal employment in Retail trade, the leader in payroll job gains across the three metro areas for which data is available.

November’s small seasonal changes reflected a second month of relatively unchanged jobless rates in Mid-Michigan. The rates nevertheless show an improved labor market from November 2014, with each metro area registering a drop in jobless rate of around 1.0 percentage point. Additionally, all four metro areas are currently reporting jobless rates of less than 5.0 percent, levels not seen since around 2000. It should be noted, however, that labor force and employment levels in each MSA still lie significantly below 2000 levels.

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