by Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

The Corunna City Council voted Monday, July 18 to stop offering complementary recycling to its residents. The city was paying Premiere Waste Services $6,000 per year to empty its recycling dumpster, which is located behind the Corunna DPW building at the corner of Pine and Fred Hein streets, and the city could not keep up with the growing amount of refuse it was receiving. The dumpster was emptied every two weeks, but city officials and council members suspect the service was being taken advantage of by non-residents, some of whom would irresponsibly load the receptacle with garbage, or even leave bags of garbage/recycling on the ground outside the dumpster.

The council had previously discussed adding cameras to monitor the site, per the recommendation of the city manager, but the cost of the equipment and the time needed to view the recorded footage dissuaded the council from going that route. Securing the site with fencing was also previously discussed, but that would have required an additional employee to allow access to residents, and there would still be plenty of opportunities for non-residents to sneak deposits into the site during unstaffed hours.

Sawyer said the city’s contract with Premiere “will be ending soon,” and that the council will consider adding city-wide home recycling pick-up to the next contract. The additional service would raise the yearly per-home garbage fee of $108, so the council will need further discussion and community input before making that decision.

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