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   The Corunna Public Schools Board decided in February to place two bond proposals on the Tuesday, May 4 ballot. The language of both proposals has been submitted to the county clerk’s office for approval. The new proposals would add two years to the current bond. Corunna’s most recent bond passed in November 2015.

   Corunna Superintendent John Fattal discussed the proposals in a phone interview Tuesday, Feb. 23. “Both proposals will allow us to house our kindergarten through 3rd-grade students at Elsa Meyer,” he shared. Six new classrooms would be added to Elsa Meyer Elementary School, located in Corunna, and air conditioning would be provided at both Elsa Meyer and Louise Peacock. Louise Peacock is currently utilized for children’s services. Nellie Reed Elementary School, located in Vernon, which at this time is used for begindergarten, kindergarten and pre-first, would close and the district would need to decide what to do with the property going forward, with several repurposing ideas in mind. Nellie Reed received the least amount of structural improvements from the 2015 bond as the board focused primarily on replacing the roof. The elementary buildings were all constructed in the 1950s, and the district has been diligent in maintenance in its stewardship of these schools.

   Other improvements include renovating the boys and girls high school locker rooms, along with replacing student lockers at the middle school and changes to the Nick Annese Athletic Complex.

   According to Fattal, the basis for the bond proposals began in spring of 2020 when approximately 25 community members, including parents and stakeholders, came together to discuss possible school improvements. One of the main topics of concern was regarding too many school transitions between various school buildings for both students and parents.

   “They felt it was problematic,” Fattal shared. The community input group met four times last fall to continue with the discussion and to decide if a bond might be necessary. Fattal said 60 community members were behind the recommendation to the board to have the two proposals put on the upcoming ballot.

   Regarding Nellie Reed, Fattal said the district would be “open to any and all options, though our energy at this time is focused on the bonds.”

   “Elsa Meyer is a premier building in our district,” he said. “Listening to our community, they would like to have all of those grades in town.”

   Proposal 1 would see a no-mill increase over the prior year’s levy. The proposal would be used for Elsa Meyer, including constructing the new classrooms, along with other remodeling and/or refurnishing needs at other school buildings. The bleachers would be replaced at the Nick Annese Athletic Complex, as well.

   Proposal 2 would call for a .3-mill increase. The proposal would be used for further remodeling and/or refurnishing efforts, a synthetic playing surface at the Nick Annese Athletic Complex, playground equipment at Louise Peacock and other site improvements.

   The language of both proposals is such that they would essentially work in tandem with each other in accomplishing suggested district improvements.

   Fattal explained the average value of a house in the city of Corunna is currently $122,000. The .3-mill increase would result in an additional $1.50 tax increase per month for a homeowner living in an average Corunna house, based on the $122,000 value point.

   “I’m very excited,” Fattal said. “This has been a great sign of team work in our community of identifying things we need and coming up with what our students need. This is yet another step toward helping our students.”

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