FIVE-YEAR-OLD Carlie Buehler can be seen displaying her winning poem with her teacher, Tracy Foster. The Nellie Reed kindergartener was named a 2019-2020 Kaleidoscope Young Author for her dance-inspired poem and will be honored next month during a special luncheon at the Renaissance Center in Detroit.

(Independent Photo/Graham Sturgeon)

by Graham Sturgeon, co-editor

   Carlie Buehler, a five-year-old kindergartener at Nellie Reed Elementary, has been recognized by the Michigan Reading Association as a 2019-2020 Kaleidoscope Young Author. Carlie was selected for her poem, titled “Dancing.”

“I Love to Dance!

Dancing on a stage makes me very happy.

It makes me feel free.

I dance in my house and room.

I love to dance!”

   Carlie and a small collection of students from around the state will have their writings published in the 2020 edition of the Kaleidoscope.

   Tracy Foster, Carlie’s teacher, challenged her “charismatic” student to “pursue her passion in writing.” Foster, co-author of the Benson’s Adventures book series, noted that Carlie “loves to write about everything, especially dancing.

   “I noticed that writing was something she really enjoyed,” continued Foster, “and I wanted to provide her with a positive opportunity to continue this passion for writing. I wanted her to know that anything is possible with hard work, passion, curiosity and a dream.”

   Foster shared that Carlie is a natural leader and can often be seen dancing around the classroom, encouraging her fellow classmates and passionately writing stories and poems.

   When she grows up, Carlie plans to write books, like her teacher, and be a veterinarian, as well. For now, though, the precocious five-year-old is still coming to terms with her impressive accomplishment.

   “I’m excited I won, but it’s crazy that everything is happening,” shared Carlie. “I’m going to be in the newspaper, I was on T.V., I’m going to a luncheon; all that important stuff. It’s pretty responsible.”

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