XAVIER STAUBS, a Corunna High School student, was honored on Tuesday, Feb. 20 when Congressman John Moolenaar presented him with a national tribute in the Congressional Record.

  Staubs, a member of the Corunna swim team, rescued competing OHS swimmer, Kamrin Samson, during a 200-yard medley relay in early January. Staubs completed the last leg of the relay when he noticed that Samson was sinking to the bottom of the Corunna High School pool. He quickly swam to the student and brought him to the surface for medical attention. The boy was successfully resuscitated by on-hand medical personnel and coaching staff.

   According to the Congressional Record he was presented, “for such a young individual, Xavier did not waiver in a crucial moment. He was fearless and courageous at a time of life or death for a fellow swimmer. To Xavier, all that mattered was doing the right thing.”

   Moolenaar shared that he “just really wanted to come to Corunna to honor Xavier for his heroism, quick thinking, and action in saving the life of a fellow competitor.”

   Gathered at Corunna High School for the afternoon ceremony were (from left) athletic director Nicole Norris, Congressman John Moolenaar, Xavier Staubs, Corunna Operations Principal Paul Brieger, and Superintendent Dave Moore.

(Independent Photo/Karen Mead-Elford)

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